Wine and Craft Beer List

Wine and Beer Tasting

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 12 noon to 6 p.m.  ……. Friday 12 noon to 8 p.m………… Saturday 10 am to 8 p.m

Tasting Cost:   5 samples for $4.00 pick and choose from our wines and craft beers

Merry family winery handcrafts grape wines as well as fruit and grape blends…. Most of our wines are named after our nieces and nephews.. Our family is very dear to us.

We brew small batches of Handcrafted Ales, Lagers and Stouts in our Brewery. Please see the list of beers available at the bottom of the page.

We offer wines or beer by the glass, wines by bottle or case (10% Discount on case wines, mix and match your favorites).  Beer Pitchers to enjoy here or Beer by the Bottle or Growler for “to go” sales.
*Prices Are Subject To Change Please Call For Most Current Pricing.*

Red Wine   $ 11.99

  •  Merry Fireside: Cabernet Sauvignon 12% Alcohol. Medium bodied dry red wine with ripe berry aromas and a nice oak finish.

  •  Merry Moonlight: Pinot Noir 12% Alcohol. Medium bodied dry red wine with earthy flavors and aromas

  •  Merlot:  12% Alcohol by volume dry red wine made with merlot grapes. Excellent with steak

  •  Valley Girls: 12% Alcohol by Volume. Sweet red wine. Like grape juice but with a “kick”.

  • Gallia County Red: 12% Alcohol by Volume. Semi Sweet Red wine made with Gallia County Concord grapes.

Fruit Wine  $10.99

  • Shelby: 8% Alcohol. Sweet black cherry pinot noir. Black cherry flavor and aromas.
  • Autumn: Black 8% Alcohol by volume. Sweet blackberry and merlot blend with blackberry flavor and aromas. **One of our best selling reds**
  • Rachel Rose’: 8 % Alcohol sweet -strawberry and white. Zinfandel blend crisp and refreshing. Strawberry aroma.
  • Bad Kitty: 8% Alcohol sweet. This is our orange sangria. Very yummy blend of red and white grapes and citrus fruits, mostly oranges. Wonderful citrus aromas and delicious flavors.
  • Blue Merry Blush:  8% Alcohol  Sweet  Red Grape and Blueberry wine. Subtle Blueberry flavors and aromas. Nicely balanced red grape fruit blend.
  • Janet’s Medley: 8% Alcohol sweet red raspberry white zinfandel. Crisp red raspberry flavor and aromas. Pair with dark chocolate for a excellent tasty treat, also very good over bryers oreo cookie ice cream! **Janet’s Medley is named after mom**
  • Shaddix: 8 % Alcohol sweet pomegranate and white zinfandel wine. Light and refreshing. If you are looking for something different this is it. Delicious blend of fruit and grape aromas and flavors.
  • Ahnika: 8% Alcohol sweet kiwi melon blended with pinot grigio . Sweet light melon flavor and aromas. Delicious, very light a great wine to take with you for the beach, lake or boating trips. ***Ahnika is the name of our english mastiff, we call her Nikki.*
  • Liberty Apple: sweet apple wine. Made from a variety of locally grown apples. Yummy  green apple flavor and aroma. (currently sold out)
  • Summer Kiss:  8 %   Alcohol by volume. Sweet   Peach Chardonnay. Peach flavor and aromas with a hint of butter and vanilla.

White Wine  $11.99

  •   Bridget: 12% Alcohol by volume. Dry white wine made from Chardonnay grapes. Light hints of oak and vanilla.

  •   Danielle: gewurztraminer 12 % Alcohol spicy character dry white. Wine with flowery aromas and smooth finish.

  •    Jordan: 12% Alcohol by volume. Hints of lemon lime and tropical fruit. Dry white wine.

  •  Southern Belle: 10 % Alcohol by volume. Sweet   Muscato White wine. Light with hints of butter and vanilla.     $10.99

Blush wines  $10.99

  • T Black’s Big Dog Blend  12% Alcohol by volume Semi Dry  wine made from a Blend of Concord and Niagara Grapes. Grape Aromas. Delicious grape  flavor , crisp, clean finish

Dessert Wines  

  •  Merry Elation:  $21.99 our lovely dessert wine.  Ultra sweet made with Riesling Grapes. 13.5 %   Alcohol by volume. Extremely sweet with hints of apple apricot and vanilla flavors. 


Imperial Ale: 7 % Alcohol  by Volume  heavy Ale with a hint of Citrus

Black Lager: 5% Alcohol by Volume Dark Malts, rich smooth flavors

Irish Stout: 6% Alcohol by Volume Very Dark Malts, creamy  full body and character with notes of  roasted caramel

IPA: 6% Alcohol by Volume Bold Hop Flavors and Aromas

Pilsner: 4.5 % Alcohol by Volume Light with mild Hops, light and smooth


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